Hip Pain, Earache and Flu Symptons.

I had excrutiating pain in my hips, the Pastor prayed for me at church and God healed me.I was also healed of earache and flu symptons as well.


Pornography, Anger, Guilt, Inability to conceive children

Lust, pornography, anger and guilt seemed to control me. The pastor prayed with me and God set me free, forgave me, removing the guilt and enabling me to forgive myself. I have been free ever since.

My wife and I had been unable to conceive a second child, we had prayer, God performed a miracle and my wife fell pregnant within a month.

Mark R


Marriage Problems, Mental Illness Anger, and Emotional Instability

Our marriage which was once 'on the rocks' has been completely restored by God. We now have peace in our home instead of bitterness and fighting.

God has also healed our many mental and emotional problems. After praying with the Pastor into these issues over a period of time, God completely cured mental illness and anger problems.     Steve and Amanda

Migraines, Back Pain, Achilles Tendon

I had migraines, headaches, back pain, slipped dics and a damaged Achilles tendon - since receiving prayer for these at church God has healed me, I am no longer crippled by these problems.


Finances, Life, Identity and Hearing

I had lost everything. I had no job, no possessions or hope- finally I went to church and gave my life to Jesus. God performed miracles - I now have a good job, lovely furniture, jewellry, and I have even been given 2 cars over a period of time. I had been rejected often and felt worthless. The pastors prayed for me, God showed me His love and my worth, now I am free from the fears that kept me down.

I had numerous ear infections and eardrum scarring causing bad hearing, since I have been prayed for and God touched my ears I can hear properly!


Depression, Fear, Cyst, Night Terrors, Abuse Victim

I was on medication for paralyzing depression and fear of being alone, fear of losing my children and husband, afraid to go out, afraid to speak, afraid of what people thought of me.

I also used to compulsively count things looking for patterns, but God set me free through prayer at HeavensGate Church. I have not needed medication since.

A scan revealed I had a cyst about 6cm in diameter, through prayer God healed me. At the next scan the cyst was gone.

While pregnant a scan showed a large white area on the babies bowel, my pastor prayed for me and God performed a miracle - at the next scan the area was clear and the baby was born with no bowel problems.

My son used to wake with night terrors, our pastor prayed and God set him free. He no longer has nightmares or wakes at night.

I had been sexually abused as a teenager and my life was a mess, but through prayer with my pastors God completely healed me and I have my life back, what happened no longer affects me.


Hurt, Emotional Breakdown, Rota Cuff Pain

At this church God healed emotional pain and emotional breakdown.  With Gods help I was able to forgive the people who hurt me in the past. I also received total healing for my shoulder from rotator cuff pain, and stiffness.


Childrens Nightmares

My son woke up absolutely terrified during a nightmare, he was seeing evil spirits. We rang the pastor who prayed for him over the phone, my son was immediately set free, and has not had a nightmare like this since.


Mental Torment and Fear of Death.

For 50 years I was tormented by the fear of death. I received prayer at church and God through His love set me free, I am no longer tormented by fear.


Injured Knee

I am a truck driver, I drive B trains, local and line haul. I badly injured my left knee at work and could hardly walk, I was prayed for at church and God instantly healed my knee.


Anxiety, Fears, Depression, Carpal Tunnel Pain

I had been on anti depressants for fears and anxieties. The Pastor at HeavensGate Church prayed for me and God healed me. I am no longer anxious or depressed and don't take anti depressants. God also healed me at church of pain in my left arm and hand - Carpal tunnel Syndrome.


Fear, Panic, Post Natal Depression

Fear ruled my life: All my life I have been ruled by fear.  I would get panicked driving my car and it controlled what I did, where I went.

Through prayer at HeavensGate Church God healed me and I can now drive my car with no more fear.

For example: I was scared to drive my car and even going to the local supermarket to get groceries was a BIG deal.  My heart would be pounding, my tummy would be in knots and I would feel a nauseous.   Every week it was a battle and I had to psyche myself up to go out and get them.     

Since I have been at HeavensGate church, I have learnt that living with fear like this is NOT normal.

(I thought everyone felt like me so it was a shock to realise that not everyone felt like I did.)

I have discovered that Jesus really does heal and set people free – because that’s what he has done for me.

I was a slave to fear and torment, but through prayer, Jesus set me free.    I can now hop in my car and drive down to get groceries, without even thinking about it.  No more fear, anxiety or worry or having to psyche myself up to go out.  

Recently I had the opportunity to take my children to Wellington Zoo with for a birthday party with family friends.  In the past there would have been NO WAY I would have even thought about doing this – I would have just said “No, I can’t go”.  But God has been getting me ready, and the idea of doing this didn’t freak me out, like it would have in the past , and underneath it all, I knew I could do it.  So, after much prayer, and checking out google maps - I did it!  I drove into Wellington, to the Zoo and enjoyed our outing at the zoo and then I drove home again! Although I was a little anxious about it at first, it went really well and was much easier that I thought it would be.  Also, my heart wasn’t pounding like it used to when fear had been there. 

I had also suffered from post-natal depression then one day the symptoms returned but I wasn't pregnant, I was very scared. The Pastor prayed for me and God healed my mind, I have no more symptoms. Hallelujah!


Diabetes Healed, Arthritis, and Inoperable Knee Damage Healed. Mental and Emotional Traumas Healed


Wow! It’s extra special when you have actual evidence of God’s amazing love and healing power.
For many years I have been keeping an eye on my blood sugar with diabetes being so rife on both sides of my family.  HBA1c level (also called glycosalated haemaglobin level) is a blood test that measures your average blood glucose over the previous 4 - 6 weeks. Early this month I had this test done again and when I rang the health centre for the results the nurse was so excited. “Have I  got good news for you. What have you been doing to get such a great result?”  I told her I had done nothing except had specific prayer re diabetes in my family from Peter Perreaux, the pastor of Heavens Gate Church, the week before the test. She just said “Ah, yes”.  When I visited my doctor the next week he also had the same excitement and printed out a chart to show me. It’s then I really saw what had happened. My test results over the last 3 years had been steadily going up into the red zone. This test chart showed a marked drop back into the healthy zone as you can see below. 


Arthritis and Inoperable Damage to Knee Healed.

My doctor also said he was amazed that my recent knee x-ray showed I had no arthritis but just slight wear which was remarkable for someone my age. The last knee x-ray and CT scans I had done several years ago showed my knees were inoperable according to the specialist.  There was nothing that could be done except pain management. I had injured my right knee and then the left one also had become very painful causing difficulty standing up and getting in and out of the car.  My Pastor had also prayed for my knees, so more evidence of God’s amazing love and healing power. It’s much easier to get up and down now.

Mental and Emotional health, traumas, and depression Healed.
Since coming to Heavens Gate Church 3 years ago my mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health has steadily improved. I have experienced much loss and trauma in my life and had been on anti-depressants for over 25 years. At the beginning of last year I believed God had healed me of depression so I began to come off the medication slowly to prevent withdrawal. Now I am only taking ¼ of the dose and will be off it completely by Christmas. As I have been reducing the medication God has been progressively and gently healing and setting me free of the trauma, shock and grief I had been carrying for so many years. How great is that! I am sleeping better, no more nightmares, thinking clearer and feeling more secure and relaxed than I have ever been. I am enjoying people and life in a new way with the hope of more good to come and all this because of our Heavenly Father’s great gift to us, His son Jesus. I am so grateful for all He has done for me.

Praise you and thank you Lord Jesus for your great love and amazingness that is available to us all.
Glenis T